Reach Your Audience

Proven marketing strategies to boost your revenue.

Is your business getting the right exposure online that it deserves to maximize its market share potential? Maxwire is a creative marketing agency ready to craft the right online marketing campaign for your business to reach its maximum intended audience, and convert that audience into a growth revenue stream, while at the same time help your business establish the strong branding presence it needs to consistently thrive online.

online marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Does your website rank in the top positions of organic search results for important search keywords to your business? If not, We have a team of expert online marketers who can optimize your website content and meta tags, to rank in the top five organic search results. We will also increase the visibility of your website through a network of back links submitted to high authority sites to attract wider audience.

PPC Advertising – It is important to have a well managed PPC Ad campaigns and budget. Our marketing experts know how to optimize your Ad campaigns to achieve the best conversion rate from your Ad clicks, and at the least amount of Ad spending. Our team crafts very effective worded text Ads, specifically written to target important keywords that convert well for your business, and also set up remarketing Ad campaigns and display Ads to drive the most customers to your website.

Social Media Presence – For your business to generate organic brand awareness, social media provides the benefits to share across various social media networks a unified look and feel. We can establish a strong brand presence, and generate a healthy follower base for your business brand. It is a low-cost way to acquire leads, and drive more traffic to your site and increase your ranking in search engines.

Email Campaign – Email marketing is seen by many as the most effective marketing channel that consistently delivers the highest ROI. Our marketing team can set up a targeted email marketing campaign to deliver much higher conversion rates at a lower cost, with an instant impact on driving more revenue to your business.

Affiliate Marketing – Your business can benefit greatly from the right affiliate marketing campaign. Our marketing experts can structure an affiliate program to partner your business with our affiliate networks, to bring unique opportunities for your business that will result in more site traffic, more customers and most importantly more revenue.

Blogging – One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience, is through consistent blogging. Our creative blog writers can write high quality blogs to enhance your website traffic, and boost search engine ranking. Adding high quality blog articles to your site, helps connect and build trust with your existing and perspective customers.

Video Advertising – Video allows you to deliver a message that connects with consumers in a deeper and more genuine way. Over 90% of your target audience is watching and sharing videos online, and we can produce creative videos Ads that tell your story with an emotional impact on viewers to convert into sales.

Press Release – Regardless of the industry you’re in, a press release helps your business or organization earn media coverage across the globe and within your community. Our team of creative copywriters can create a professionally written Press Release, and widely distribute it to help your company gain coverage through online news outlets, influential blogs, industry-specific journals, and other targeted online publications.

direct mail advertising

Self Mailer – You probably find self-mailers in your mailbox almost every day, but you may not realize what a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool it can be. We can create a self-mailer with a bold and eye-catching design to target a specific demographic interested in what you have to offer, and generate more sales.

Newsletter – Having a regular newsletter keeps your communication lines open for new, current and past customers. It’s an opportunity for you to share business updates with your audience, and increase brand awareness. Our professional copywriters can write professional newsletters that provide constant opportunities to convert sales for your business.

Catalog – One of the greatest benefits of a print catalog is its ability to lead people to your website, where they make purchases. Our creative design team can produce a high quality print catalog, that will stimulate your customers’ interest in your products, and convert that into more sales for your business.