Build A Strong Brand Image

Creative design solutions specifically tailored for your business to prosper.

Are you looking for a professional design agency that can build a strong brand presence for your business? The Maxwire creative design team is here to help you achieve the success you envision for your business, through a complete list of professional design services specifically tailored to attract the right audience for your business.

website design

Custom Built Website – Our team of creative website designers will work closely with you to deliver a stunning website that makes your business stand out above your competition. The design will be custom crafted and tested in a range of screen sizes from desktop, to tablet and mobile, while loading fast on mobile devices with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) from Google.

Website Redesign – Does your website look outdated, or your customer conversion rate is decreasing, or have you received complaints from visitors to your website? Our team of professional designers will analyze your old website and your competition, to draft a winning redesign strategy, and execute it with great attention to details for a better user experience and higher conversion rate. The finished redesign will be mobile first with focus on using strong visual elements and contrasting colors to reflect your brand identity.

WordPress Website – Our design team are highly qualified WordPress developers. Whether your needs are for a basic WordPress website, or highly customizable website theme, our team can help you achieve your objectives, and with full support of plugin recommendations that best optimize your user experience.

application design

Web Application – Are you looking for a custom built software that doesn’t require complex installation, and it’s accessible remotely? Then a web application is the answer, since it can be accessed through any desktop or mobile browser, and your application and its data records are securely hosted in the cloud. It’s easily scalable as your business grows without the need to invest in additional hardware. Our team of application designers will analyze your business operations and customer communication, and develop an intuitive application design that streamlines your daily operations and simplify your day-to-day communication with your customers and vendors.

Mobile App – 60% of users prefer mobile apps over mobile sites. It may not be enough for your business to engage your users and optimize your productivity with just a responsive mobile site. To stay ahead of the competition, you may need to consider developing a mobile app for your business. Mobile apps are faster than mobi-sites, and provide key benefits not available with a mobi-site, such as: User-centric personalized content, access to key device features like the camera and push notifications, interactive engagement, GPS and many more. A well designed mobile app immerses your users in a delightful interactive experience, and increases your business profitability. We have an experienced design team that can help you achieve those goals for your business.

UI/UX – Successful software is defined not only by fulfilling the needs of your business, but also the needs of your individual users. Your Consumer-facing app design has to provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience to your users, or they will simply abandon it. Our team of creative UI/UX designers will work with you to understand your user challenges and frustrations to help develop an efficient UI/UX design that delivers a successful user experience, and give your business a competitive advantage in customer acquisition and retention.

graphic design

Company Logo – The most identifiable part of your business is your logo. A professionally well designed logo provides your business a great first impression and a professional identity. Our team of creative logo designers are here to create the perfect logo design for your business, that makes it easier for you to build your brand identity, and project a professional image of your business.

Brochure and Business Card – A good brochure design can be an effective low-cost marketing method than some online options. Brochures can be strategically distributed to a wide variety of locations. Our professional designers will work with you to design and produce a sleek brochure that fits your budget.

Despite the small size of a business card, it continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools to use. A well designed business card is an extension of your business brand, which provides creditability and constant opportunity at a very low budget. Our business card designers can craft an attractive design to grab prospective clients and customers.

video and animation

Motion Graphics – Animation is the most fascinating tool to attract attention to your product and business. Our team of skilled animation artists can help you attract many viewers to your product, by producing visually alluring effects in 2D or 3D animation for fields in education, advertising, fashion, design, engineering, manufacturing, medical sciences, and gaming.

Video Production – Our video production team will help your business brand visually tell a compelling story in a concise marketing video production. We produce very effective videos for showcasing a business, brand awareness, training, and customer testimonials. Our videos are designed to be easily shared with your viewers online and on social media.