Data Management

Advanced architecture that best secures your data.

How well your business data is managed and protected, dictates the health level of its infrastructure. Our team of professional data architects have industry expertise to design and deploy robust and scalable data solutions that meet your all business data needs, and at the same time secure your data operations against sudden attacks and data breaches.

data management

Database Architecture – Optimal performance of a database management system (DBMS) starts with a solid database architecture and design process. Our team of professional database architects are highly skilled engineers in different types of database models, such as: RDMS, NoSQL DBMS, IMDBMS, and CDBMS. Our process starts with a thorough analysis of your business data, and then develop a solid interface with three important foundational elements, that help provide concurrency, security, data integrity, uniform administration procedures, and scalability for your data needs. We can build a database architecture your business needs to succeed.

Data Migration – An effective data migration starts with proper planning. Our data management team will develop an analysis plan of the technical requirements and dependencies, including hardware and bandwidth requirements, as well as the associated tests, automation scripts, mappings, and procedures for a successful migration and post-migration of your business data.

Web Scraping – Businesses are fiercely competing to stay ahead, and having access to valuable data on your competitors, gives you the competitive advantage to stay ahead of the pack. Our web scraping and data extraction services provide your business with the critical data you need to gain valuable insights on product details, visitor stats, competitor profiles, and contact information and emails for lead generation purposes.

Privacy and Security – With the escalation and increase in cybercrime threatening both the public and private sector, it’s important for your business to have a data security policy in place. Our data security experts will start with a strategy of data governance that supports security, privacy and trust during the design and implementation process. The strategy will involve multiple layers of security, including technology that continually scans for vulnerabilities against misuse of information, data leaks and breaches.

Maintenance – It is imperative for your business to simplify the management of your databases in order to improve business performance and decision making. On-premise or in the cloud, our dedicated team of DBAs architects and engineers will optimize your systems to boost operational performance and efficiency.

Storage and Archiving – Do more with your data. Our team of engineers will establish an archive flow strategy to extend the life of your data and help your business move forward.

Metadata Management – In simple terms, metadata is “data about data,” and if managed properly, it is generated whenever data is created, acquired, added, or deleted. Our metadata management architecture offers very important benefits of consistency and clarity in your metadata definitions, relationships and lineage.